Wordless Mountains Hu Chia Solo Exhibition

Wordless Mountains Hu Chia Solo Exhibition 


Taiwan, an island with more than 269 mountain peaks over 3,000 meters above sea level scattered in its main island of less than 36,000 km2, is one of the islands with the highest mountain density in the world. When viewed from afar, mountains seem motionless and wordless. It's only when one enters their winding paths and listens quietly that the song of everlasting life is heard playing: abundant living beings in the forest chanting the chorus with running water in the nature – human beings also taking a part. Mountains have endowed the islanders with a living environment rich with resources. Today, their existence to the islanders has been sublimated into a spiritual belief.


Through integrating calligraphy and paper's nature, the artist Hu Chia uses his unique techniques to present mountains' distinctive quietude and softness. The special paper selections of Fenko Catalysis Chamber, i.e. long scroll translucent black Ink Black and quiet white Double Snow, are interlaced to create mountain forms and shadows under the light, mirroring mountains' dualistic properties of firmness and tenderness. His work simulates the impression of walking in the mountains and passing through dense forests, where one's view is mostly limited. However, one random turn presents the audience with an unobstructed open landscape, in which near, middle, and far scenes coincide with one another.


Hu Chia 's artistic insights come from his martial arts practice over time. Excelling at using calligraphy to interact with human body, his works demonstrate the contemporary aesthetics featuring the harmonious integration of mind and body. This exhibition will guide the audience to conduct a wordless dialogue between one's heart and mountains.





展覽時間│2018. 10 . 1 (Mon.)〜2019. 2 . 9(Sat.)

展覽地點│樹火紀念紙博物館 週一 〜週六 09:30〜16:30/ 週日休館