Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2021

跨 界 Cross Border

Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2021

Cross Border - Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2021 is a festival that breaks the boundary and moves beyond borders by curating performance art creations from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The festival cares and supports the currently unfairly oppressed Hong Kong's democracy. "Borders" limit the physical boundaries of the land, as well as the territorial political national affairs and social life. Under the influence of globalization, the political functions and definitions of "borders" have become more ambiguous and contradictory. The social space gradually replaced the original definition of local space, leading to the emergence of multiple, mixed, multiplied, decentralized, and deterritorialization of social space identities within the mobile border. The social bonds and body experiences generated by people who live this life reshaped the fluid boundaries in a continuous movement.
In recent years, Hong Kong's struggles to safeguard freedom and the blooming artistic activities have proved to the world that human rights and freedom are the most critical principles. Although Hong Kong is small in size, it is not an egg that can break in one blow. While the spirit of "Be Water" continues to raise the world's awareness, Taiwan's civil society has also given strong support to Hong Kong's human rights protests. The two share the same cultural depth in calligraphy culture and can empathize and cherish each other's existence. Although Taiwan has experienced the white terror of colonization and authoritarian rule, it has moved forward from its darkest days to the present day with a stride; this is all because Taiwan relies on awakening consciousness of citizenship and respect for the social values ​​of democracy, freedom, and open diversity.
In this exhibition, Taiwanese and Hong Kong creators once again walk side-by-side and use the freedom and empathizing spirit of contemporary calligraphy to record the most profound experience of this era through different art forms. On the opening day on October 8th at Taipei Artists Village, curator Hu Chia will hold talks to exchange views, and there will also be an exquisite performance by artists Yù Kao and Jun Kazehaya.
Time: 2021.10.07 - 2021.10.12
Location: Taipei Artist Village, Banyan Room (No. 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Curator: Hu Chia
Exhibition and Event Coordination: Chiu Tzu-Fang
Artists: Huang Cheng-Hsien, Huang Shu-Hsien, Lee Hsin-Ming, Lin Wen-Chun, Weiyun Szu, Kacey Wong (Hong Kong), Mosen Wu (In last name’s alphabetical order)
Opening Reception and Performance: October 8th, 2021 (Friday) 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Organizer: Huchia Dance Theatre
Co-Organizer: Tai-He Arts Production, madL Creative Space
Sponsor: Ms. Michelle Shuhui Tu, Ms. Chien Yu-Chin, Kaidan Dessert
Time: 2021.10.10, Sunday. 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Taipei Artist Village, Banyan Room (No. 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Presenter and Speakers: Pei-ni Beatrice Hsieh (Taiwan), Kacey Wong (Hong Kong), Lau Kwong Shing (Hong Kong)