3rd Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival in Hsinchu (2016)
3rd Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival in Hsinchu (2016)

第三屆 愛自由當代書藝聯展
Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival in Hsinchu 2016

Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2016 will be the third year that the Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival will be held. The spirit of this exhibition is based on works from each artist arising from the idea of “caring” to explore the impact and evolution of international freedom, human rights, environmental protection and the awakening of civic consciousness. There will be performances of contemporary calligraphy by Taiwanese calligraphy artists, using intuitive text space, imagery and deconstruction in writing traditional Chinese characters.
Participating Artists Calligraphers: He Zong-Xun, Chen Ling-Yang, Yang Shi-Xian, Yang Lin-Xiao, Lu Ming-Qi Pianists: Peng Chao-Yue, Antti Myllyoja Artists: Cheng Wen-Zong, Huang Cheng-Xian, Liu Yin-Sheng, Hu Jia, Lin Zi-Ning, Zhan En, Yao Ya
Exhibition Date: November 22nd - December 17th
Exhibition Location: Main Exhibition Area, Hsinchu Art Site of Railway Warehouse (No. 64 Huayuan Street, Hsinchu City, Tel: 03-562-8933)
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 8:00pm Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)
Opening Ceremony Press Conference: November 22nd (Tuesday) 10:00am - 11:00am Art from the Brush Opening Ceremony Participating Artists Chen Ling-Yang, He Zong-Xun, Lu Ming-Qi, Yang Lin-Xiong, Yang Shi-Xian Art and Performance Four Different Lectures / Performances

1. Black Meal: Saturday November 26th 3:00pm Dancer: Hu Chia, Pianist: Antti Myllyoja Walk into the darkness of Black Meal Hu Chia Director of Huchia Dance Theatre, founding member of the Love for Freedom Calligraphy Festival, Taiwan Monkey and Crane Kung Fu instructor Antti Myllyoja Finnish composer and pianist. He works include compositions of contemporary artistic music as well as film soundtracks and theatre scores. Core founder of Radical Snail Office.

2. Space Time: Saturday 3rd December 3:00pm Speaker: Cheng Wen-Zong Artistic creations are the projections of places and behaviors in which the artists create a personal record of their own sense of mind. This sense is hidden deep within the subconsciousness and within personal social backgrounds and social interactions. It may exist in a visual sense or in an audible sense. The only and unchanging form of creation is the interpretation of the individual’s creative ideas and personal growth and experience into practice, skills, techniques and use of raw materials; using this we should look closely to re-examine each person’s creative side as well as their display of spiritual awareness and endurance of unique characteristics. Cheng Wen-Zong Graduated with a Diploma of Fine Arts from the Brera Academy in Milan, Italy in 1989. Currently teaching Industrial Product Design at Shih Chien University.

3. Celestial Bodies / Physical Bodies: Saturday 10th December 3:00pm Performers: Huang Cheng-Xian, Liu Yin-Sheng We are part of the universe, and the universe is also part of us. Our bodies operate according to some kind of rhythm, and the universe is the same. The planets function in a mysterious way, as do our bodily organs. This scene presents simultaneously the female within the male, the Yang within the Ying, and celestial bodies within our physical bodies. Huang Cheng-Xian Senior artistic designer and interdisciplinary artist, Huafan University Graduate School of Fine Arts and Culture Creative Design Liu Yin-Sheng Cosmic printer, Bibo Feisi Energy Design Co. Ltd. Artistic Director

4. Bright Sorrow: Saturday 17th December 3:00pm Performers: Lin Zi-Ning, Zhan En, Yao Ya Light, luminosity, fire, and radiance are bright. Sadness, longing, regret and fright are sorrowful. Using the overlap and extension of writing, movement and sound, participating artists will turn the production of their work using different kinds of materials into a performance medium. The leftover materials will then be used to form a new part of their art piece, such as the two outer halves left from a circle, formed together to accentuate the existence of the original work. Lin Zi-Ning Performer Zhan En Founder of An X Flower Yao Ya Interdisciplinary creator

Organizer: Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture Main Sponsor: Taiho Artistic Company Supporting Sponsors: Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Bureau / Accton Art Foundation Commissioned By: Arttime Art Web Commissioned By: Heart One Piano Group