Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival(2017)
Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival(2017)

第一屆「台灣國際黯黑舞蹈藝術節」Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival (2017)

The “Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival” has been launched by Hu Chia, the artistic director of the Huchia Dance Theatre, to promote Taiwan’s original and delicate artistic dance performances. The “Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival” aims to introduce the local development of the Ankuku Butoh dance art form to the Taiwanese people, allowing them to get a close look and enjoy different styles of Butoh from Taiwan and abroad through various international exchanges. By commonly caring about disadvantaged individuals and discovering the seeds of hope within the darkness, these original and delicate artistic dance performances continuously advocate for hope and compassion.

Faced with the relentless passage of time and trials of life, while living in a universe where everything is subject to change, can you hear your heart's voice? Can you find your true self?

These are the messages the International Darkness Contemporary Dance Troupe hopes to get across to its audiences. Their performances, with neither narratives nor plots, are a simple combination of pure body movements and tunes, aiming to evoke the sense of emotional fickleness deep down in our hearts. In addition, through organizing the Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival, the dance troupe uses the idea of “falling” to project the inner hearts of people, expressed in an impressively brilliant way to resonate with the audience off the dark, shadowy stage.

Dancers and musicians performing at the Festival are from Taiwan, Sweden, Finland, Japan, and Hong Kong—all of which received professional training in Butoh and contemporary dance, and martial arts. Bandsmen include vocal improvisationists, guqinists, cellists, pianists, and Nanguan musicians. Through collective creations, they bounc musical ideas off each other to put on a great performance. As the music plays, an endless cycle of dance and body movement goes on, while rounds of dim light and fluttering fire in the dark symbolize care for each other’s free and equal spiritual world.

Mayako Ohkura|Butoh Dancer|Performance Art Curator
A lotus flower to spread own lots deep in mud.Heaven world beautiful flower .

陳紹騏 |無垢舞蹈劇場前主舞者|劇場服裝設計師
Shaw-Chi Chen|Legend Lin Dance Theatre Former Dancer | Theater Costume Designer
Tagore"Stray Birds"~ “Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.
野村祐 |台日混血巫女|當代豫劇畫家
Yu Nomura|Miko|Painter
Beyond life and death, with self reconciliation..

Hu Chia|Dancer/Choreographer|Monkey & Crane Kung Fu Master|Art Calligrapher
Walk into the darkness!


現場演奏音樂家 Live Performance Musician


大提琴|郭心蘋 Cellist|Grace Kuo

人聲古琴|張康德 Vocal, Guqinist| Kang-Te Chang

南管琵琶|潘 杰 Nanguan musician|Chieh Pan

鋼琴|Pianist|Antti Myllyoja /芬蘭 (FIN)


錄像紀錄|許鈺盛|趙浩宇 Videowriter|Atou Hsu|Hunter Chao

影像攝影|汪德範|林蔚圻 Photography|Te-Fan Wang|Wei-chi Lin



主辦|滅劇場 Production|Huchia Dance Theatre

協辦|太禾藝創有限公司 Co-ordinated|Taiho Art Company 

贊助|國藝會 Sponsor|National Culture and Arts Foundation

指導|文化部 Supervisor|Ministry of Culture,Taiwan

鋼琴贊助|一心鋼琴事業集團 Piano Sponsor|Heart One Piano