6th Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2020
6th Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2020
The 6th Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival 2020
Opening Tea Party & Behavioral Art Performance, Saturday 10/10 at 3pm
Exhibition Time: 10/10 (Sat) – 10/18 (Sun), 11:00-21:00, closed on Monday
Exhibition Place: Taipei Artist Village

召集人 胡嘉
Convener: Hu Chia
The Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival hopes to create spiritual “freedom” through mental and physical resonance with freestyle graffiti, calligraphy, and behavioral concepts. Using artistic expression, the festival demonstrates concern and support for human rights in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, which are currently under totalitarian oppression by the Chinese Communist Government in Beijing.
Over the past year, the struggle of the Hong Kong people to preserve their freedom through the collective protests of activists have demonstrated to the world: the existence of human rights and freedom itself serves as a powerful and resounding truth. Though the land of Hong Kong may be small, it cannot be so easily crushed. The spirit of the “Be Water” movement continually arouses the conscience of the world.
Taiwan’s civil society has been providing strong support for Hong Kong’s human rights protests. In addition to sharing the same written language, the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan also share a similar cultural background that enables a sense of mutual understanding and empathy. Under authoritarian rule, Taiwan suffered through colonization and the White Terror before bravely marching from out of darkness into the present. Relying on an awakening by its citizens, Taiwan upholds a value and respect for democracy, freedom, diversity and openness.
For this exhibition, calligraphers will once again demonstrate the behavioral concepts behind graffiti and calligraphy. In lock-step with everyone, they will rely on the spirit of freedom and care in contemporary calligraphy to record a most profound understanding of these times.